Perla quartzite


Perla stone has a wide variety of uses, including flooring, commercial exterior walls, interior stairways, and cladding. It is considered as a sedimentary rock. It includes spherical fossils, formed between 55 and 33 million years ago and is preserved deep within the mountain. It’s a hard stone, and it has a mellow, warm appearance.

The Colori group contains the Perla stones. You will find the Colori collection of glazed porcelain tiles in the northern Italian region around the Lake Como. They are available in a wide range of solid colors. This material is resistant to abrasions to a good extent.

On the Mohs scale, it scores a 7 or greater. Heat resistance of this kind of stone is similar to the quartzite and granite. The scratch resistance of this material exceeds that of marble, slate, etc. Materials with a texture are more of a hassle to keep up with than those that have been polished.

To a very little extent, this substance does not allow air to pass through. There is no need for sealant, and spills are less likely to leave a mark. The effect of acids on this substance is limited. It retains its luster even after being submerged in acidic liquids like lemon juice or tomato sauce.

This material is appropriate for all external applications because of its minimal absorption rating, its abrasion resistance rating, color fastness, and tensile strength. When installing on the outside of a building, be sure to follow the guidelines and have an engineer review the fastening systems & tensile strength needs.

Perla natural stone is a flexible stone that comes with a plethora of texture and color options. Carefully select your stone for if you are looking for quartzite countertop in Calgary.




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