Donatello Granite


Are you looking for best Granite countertop in Calgary with a more royal looks? Donatello dolomite is the answer. Donatello marble is available in plethora of colors and textures, such as white, black, green, pink, and so on (depends on the mineral composition)…

However, Donatello dolomite can easily be damaged by spills, scratches, and etching. Dolomite is used for countertops, patios, fireplace, and other decorative features. Donatello’s strength is unmatched. It has the opacity characteristics as marble. When we say that Donatello hails from the rich resources of Brazil, we mean it literally.

Brazilian marbles have high concentrations of dolomite and calcite, making them exceptionally hardy. In terms of hardness and wear resistance, Donatello dolomite marbles are superior. Brazilian marbles are less porous and more durable than other types of marble, making them an excellent choice for high-traffic areas such as kitchens and baths.

The white and grey tones of this legendary stone, employed by various ancient civilizations, transport you to another time and place. Donatello depicts a gloomy sky in a spectrum of grays, from pale pearl to deep London smoke. The material is laced with several veins that seem like smoke or steam rising from a magician’s cauldron. High temperatures and pressures deep below the earth transform calcium-rich limestone into magnesium-rich dolomite, creating a unique type of stone. This results in stones that are so hard and long-lasting that quartzite is often mistakenly used to describe them.




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