Bianco Antico Cross Cut Granite

Bianco Antico Cross Cut

Bianco Antico cross-cut is best suited for people who want to give their space a luxurious look on a budget. The Precambrian white-gray pegmatite or granite with burgundy has a touch of elegance in it. Originating from the quarries of Brazil, this granite has become popular for its hassle-free cleaning process, classy color palette, and affordable price. If you want to purchase a Bianco Antico cross-cut, look for a seller with a Granite countertop in Calgary.

Characteristics of Bianco Antico Cross Cut

Bianco Antico Granite is available in shades of gray with bits of lighter gray, white pink, and taupe. The stunning stone is frequently used in both residential and commercial interiors inside and outside. It is the first choice for many designers as it has a high hardness rating and tends to be durable. Moreover, the heat and stain-resistant properties make it ideal to use in the kitchen as it doesn’t let the grease stick and can be easily removed without issues.

Where Can You Use Bianco Antico Cross Cut?

Bianco Antico cross-cut granite is widely used in home and other non-residential layout designs as it provides a long-lasting surface. Besides, it is strain free and doesn’t scratch, so you do not have to replace it every few years. It can be used in:

    • Fireplace: Yes! You can use Bianco Antico cross cut in the fireplace as it has high heat resistance. Plus, it gives your space an aesthetic look.
    • Kitchen Countertop: As mentioned above, this Brazilian natural stone is qualified to be utilized in the kitchen countertop.
    • Floor: Bianco Antico granite has high durability. Besides, it does not break easily. Hence, you can use it on your floor, and also makes your floor look luxurious.
  • Backsplashes: Many designers prefer Bianco Antico to be used in backsplashes due to its properties.




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